2023 Testimonials

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June 23, 2023
“Never have I been treated like such a cherished member of the sailing boat “Windfall”. Love the colorful stories and life stories.”
Frank; San Francisco, CA

“You helped my seasickness so much! I’ve never been happy on a boat ride except for this one. You guys rock! ♡
Mimi; San Fransisco, CA

July 1, 2023
Thank you for the most memorable B’day ever! You guys are the best. See you in the Bahamas!
Stacy; Leominster, MA

July 2, 2023
“Great grey day sailing with 15kts. Thank you for the sail, the stories, the expertise and thank you for the hospitality.”

July 3, 2023
“49th and now 59th- not sure if we’ll do the 69th but hopefully much sooner! Thank you for everything!!
Claudine; Stoneham, MA

July 19, 2023
“Thank you for sharing your piece of paradise! Good health as you sail.”
Karen; Westwood, MA

July 30, 2023
Christine returns to sailing with her daughter and granddaughters, albeit not on her beloved “Gypsy Spirit”.

August 6, 2023
“Happiest day I’ve had this year!”
Marsha; Ipswich, MA

August 14, 2023
Dale you will be forever missed…

August 19, 2023

Emma and Amanda

August 28, 2023
50th Wedding Anniversary

“Beautiful! Awesome & delicious! Will do it again!!
“Can’t beat the ‘crew’ or the cook!! Great people and made for a great experience!! Will recommend to friends!”
Beth and Jim; Danvers, MA

September 9, 2023
Fifth Wedding Anniversary and Renewal of Vows

Capt. Raffi & Lisa – Thank you for an unforgettable 5-year anniversary sail. This evening could not have gone better! We hope to set sail with you again. Thanks for trusting us with navigating your beautiful boat. Many thanks- ????
Dominic; Danvers, MA
“Thank you, Lisa & Raffi for making this an experience we will never forget. And thank you for trusting us to drive your beautiful boat. We hope that you have a lovely sail to the Bahamas. We will definitely visit you again!” Lots of love”
Amanda; Danvers, MA