2022 Testimonials

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June 20, 2022
“Perfect sail – perfect support for a burial @ sea for mom & dad. Awesome!
Deborah; Peterborough, NH
“Sad but happy day. Bye Mom & Dad”
Dale, Sullivan, NH
“…great day Cap’t & Mate are perfect i.e.: barely there/very present. Thank you for your part in this day!”
Ellie; NH
“… beautiful memorial for Stan & Betty!”
Sandi; NH


June 28, 2022
“Best birthday ever!! ♡
How will John beat this in the future? We have to come back and are already looking forward to it! The most lovely time & conversation! Thank you for the amazing experience, memories and genuine hospitality. It was the best!”
Kati; Chicago, IL

Kati and John

July 2, 2022
“The most outstanding, lovely, pleasurable day we’ve had in recent memory. Thank you making us feel at home in your beautiful sailboat! ♡♡♡”
Ila; West Hartford, CT


July 22 – 24, 2022 (two night overnight)
“First sailing voyage – Fantastic!”


July 31, 2022
“Fantastic trip – 1 last year, 2 this year – 3 NEXT!!””
Karin; Reading, MA


August 15, 2022
“This was as a wonderful treat – and adventure. Your hospitality & kindness was much appreciated.
Many thanks –“
Kathy & Joy; Pleasant Hill, CA


August 24, 2022
“So glad I finally got here – Thanks Raffi & Lisa”
Nevart; Framingham, MA


August 25, 2022
“Wonderful adventure! 57th anniversary! ♡♡”
Larry & Nancy; Holliston, MA


August 28, 2022
“Love experiencing the best of Glosta!”
Carole; Gloucester, MA


September 4, 2022
“Schooner fest. Perfect day & sail w/ our consummate hosts!’
Victoria, Ipswich, MA

Schooner festival