2019 Testimonials

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June 15

“Raffi & Lisa – thank you for the most fabulous day! The perfect cure for a long winter & wet spring. Love your life choices!”
Ginny; Melrose, MA

Kristen & Ginny

June 27
“Memorable day on this beautiful sailboat with special friends – thank you!”
Mary Pat; Columbus, GA

Dan, Robert, Mary, and Kathelen

July 4
log book

August 1
“We had a wonderful day celebrating our 10-year anniversary today. This marks our 2nd time sailing with Defiance. The day was perfect and the food was wonderful!! See you again on our 15-year anniversary!”
Stephanie & Tyler; Hudson, NH

Stephanie & Tyler

August 11
“3rd time was a charm. Thanks Capt. Raffi & Lisa”
Larry; Plaistow, NH

“Thanks for having us back!”
Samantha; Peabody, MA
“Thanks for the whale show” ♥
Diana; Plaistow, NH
Whale fluke

August 15 Memorial
“What a perfect night for my Dad’s final sail. Thank you for taking us out and making it so special and perfect. It’s an evening we will always remember! 143 XO
Nicole; Ipswich, MA

August 19

“Thank you for a wonderful night on the boat. Captaining the boat was the highlight of Chris’s year! A truly unforgettable birthday!”
Sarah; Scituate, MA


August 23

“This has been a pleasure beyond our expectations. We love you guys! Thank you, Raffi & Lisa for helping to make our day so special!!!”
Wayne; New Castle, DE

September 1

“Schooner Race Year 2 = Perfect!”
Kathelen; Columbus, GA

September 28

Log book