2015 Testimonials

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April 15 – 21, 2015

1April15-21_Judy&Donald-Smallenlarge2April15-21_Judy-Smallenlarge“Raffi & Lisa your hospitality was ★★★★★!

Lisa, your food was great! We look forward to seeing you in Gloucester and, of course, again in the Bahamas!”

Judy and Donald; Newburyport, MA

June 3rd

Thanks for sharing the water with us desert people.

Steve and Jan; Rio Rancho, New Mexico

June 20th 

3June20_Patty&family-SmallenlargeA peaceful blessed day with family and wonderful hosts! I imagine I am in heaven on earth. Thank you Raffi & Lisa!

Patty; Westford, MA

June 26th 4June26_CapeAnnChambermember-SmallenlargeSo welcoming – will recommend!

Cape Ann Chamber, Gloucester, MA

June 27th 5June27_ Doron&Samuel-SmallenlargeDoran, Samuel, etc.

July 2nd 6July2_Nancy&family-SmallenlargeI have never been on a sailboat in my life – It was the most peaceful thing I have ever done in my life! I plan on doing this again really soon & it will be with Captain Raffi & Lisa – Lisa you were great, loved your hospitality & stories. Enjoyed! Really a great lady. Captain Raffi, you are really great to listen too, love your stories & your easy ways about you. Thank you for being the Captain on my 1st sailboat ride. Loved every minute “Ride Captain ride upon your mystery ship”

Nancy; Avon, MA

July 5th 7July5_MrsJones-SmallenlargeThis has been the most amazing night of my life. Thank you for the Champagne sauce…the wine…the sunset…and everything. All our love.

Mrs. Jones; Boston, MA

July 17th 8July17_ LizBrendonSteve&Susan-SmallenlargeDear Captain Raffi & the beautiful Lisa,

Our family had an amazing experience & our daughters learned so much from you. In a 4 hour trip they learned more than a 2 week boat camp. We were incredibly honored & impressed by your calmness, hospitality & amazing presence. What an experience. Thank you so much for putting your soul into our experience. We are lucky to have met you both!

Liz; Byfield, MA

P.S. The food made us consider becoming permanent stowaways!


July 20159July17_HeidiRobin&Isabel-SmallenlargeThank you for such a wonderful time! Your Macaroni Cheese Burgers & fruit dessert pizza were AMAZING! I also appreciate that you let my 2 step-cousins & I drive the boat…WITHOUT you using the remote to ACTUALLY steer the boat! I always have so much fun on this boat!!! THANK YOU!

Love, Isabel

Dear Captain Raffi & Lisa

Thank you so very much for one of the best vacations we’ve ever had! We truly appreciate the extra care & thoughtfulness we experienced! This trip with you both felt like a family trip & not like a charter & that is what makes you both so amazing. Can’t wait to do it all again with you next summer!

Love, Susan & Steve; Destin, FL

July 17th 10July17_Heidi-Smallenlarge11July17_Robin-SmallenlargeHeidi and Robin

August 1st 12August1_Chelsea&Zach-SmallenlargeThank you for a wonderful trip! We managed to not fall overboard, but we did “take the plunge”!

It was a wedding to remember and exceeded all of our expectations. Thanks for helping us “tie the bowline”!

Chelsea & Zach; Jersey City, NJ

August 2nd 13August2_GuestswithJohn-Smallenlarge“Thoughts of February fade away,

as the boat sails today.

The ladies smile with bodies toned.

The fellows dove while the Captains phoned.

The amount of fun is criminal,

and complaints of staff are minimal.

Thanks for showing us a day so blue.

This review was written drunk and true.”

Guest of John’s; Boston, MA

August 5th

This was the most amazing way to spend our Anniversary. We had an awesome time. The food was excellent. Thanks for letting the boys steer the boat and also teaching us the “Raffi” card game

We hope to celebrate our anniversary on your boat every year!!

Farida; Chelmsford, MA

August 4th 14August4_Melody&Scott-SmallenlargeMelody & Scott

August 12th 

Had a “Wicked Pissah” time!

Emily; MA

August 14th 15August14_Susan&George-SmallenlargeWonderful – varied – romantic – educational – funny – peaceful – tasty – lobster – sunset.

Thanks for an anniversary we will never forget.

Susan & George; Sudbury, MA

August 16th 16August16_Katy&family-SmallenlargeSuper fun thanks for the ride #blessed

Katy; Gloucester, MA

August 17th 17August16_Asher&Grayson-SMALLenlargeHad a great time sailing, the scenery & sunset were amazing. Thank you for introducing sailing to all of us, especially Asher & Grayson! We will certainly take another journey next visit.

Heather; Bluebell, PA

August 21st18August21_Siobhan-SmallenlargeGirls Weekend 2015 “Boob Voyage”
In memory of Gregg O’Brien

”She stood in the storm and when the wind did not blow her way she adjusted her sails.” –Elizabeth Edwards

Siobhan; Everett, MA

September 5th

Thank you Raffi & Lisa! This was a great weekend. Can’t wait to come back!

(I dinghy boats!!)

Clare; Westwood, MA