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Bahamas! Book before January 1st, 2008 and receive 10% off your complete charter!!

This winter charter your own private, all-inclusive sailing vacation! Imagine your only assignment is to RELAX, unwind and let the sun’s warmth radiate around you while you breathe in the fresh sea air and are lulled into a state of bliss aboard the classic 50’ Hinckley sailing yacht Windfall…

You will be pampered and catered to in one of the world’s most perfect, turquoise oceans! Snorkel, kayak, swim, fish (and the Captain will fillet it for you!), go onshore to hike and explore the local island life Bahamas style, or simply relax onboard with a glass of wine in the sun and enjoy a delicious meal freshly prepared onboard by your first mate.


Minimum stay of 3 nights in the Bahamas; all-inclusive* $3,000.00 double occupancy. Additional passengers $750.00 per person.
* Rates are all-inclusive, which encompasses:

** Gratuity not included for 1st mate & any dockage fees

Minimum 3 nights stay:  $3,000 flat rate, all-inclusive for first couple (2 people). Additional guests are $750 per person. Additional passenger $75.00 per person per night after 3 nights.

Day Sails

3 hours (minimum) $350
5 hours $550
8 hours $850

Weekends and Holidays:
3 hours $400
5 hours $600
8 hours $900

Unfortunately, due to increasing fuel prices, we are forced to charge a $25 surcharge on every charter.

Gratuities for the First Mate are not included.
20% is recommended.

Rates are for the boat, Captain and crew, not per person and based on 1 to 6 passengers.

Contact Captain Raffi for information on additional passengers at or call 978.948.5434.

Depending on the duration of your charter, prices will include complimentary morning fruit, freshly baked goods, or light hors d’oeuvres, including juices, soft drinks, coffee/tea.

Of course, accommodations will be made for special dietary requirements.

Alcoholic beverages will be served at the discretion of the Captain.


Overnight Sails

(does not necessarily mean being underway throughout the night)

One night (10:00 am–3:00 pm the following day; approximate times) $1100 for 2 passengers
additional passenger $350
additional nights $1100/night

Minimum stay of 3 nights in the Bahamas; all inclusive $3,000.00 double occupancy. Additional passengers $750.00 per person.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner are included. Click here for Sample Menus.

Dinner costs ashore are the financial responsibility of the passengers. Rates do not include dockage/mooring fees.

Departures can be arranged from any accessible port in Massachusetts or New Hampshire for an additional fee.

Relax and Enjoy

"B&B" (Boat & Breakfast) Dockside in Gloucester

One night $250 double occupancy
Additional occupancy $75/person
(5 passengers or less)

Rates are for the boat at the dock.

B&B at anchor in the Bahamas

$350.00 per night, double occupancy with a minimum two night stay.

Additional passenger $75.00 per person per night.

A complimentary bottle of sparkling wine and hors d'oeuvres will greet your arrival. There will be an additional charge if dinner aboard is requested. Breakfast will include fruit and freshly baked goods when available, selected breakfast items from our menu when in the Bahamas, juice, and coffee/tea.

Book early to guarantee the dates you desire.

sight see the stars

Being aboard sail charters is a unique and special way to plan to celebrate your:

Sail, Sail, Sail!

Yes, you can fish from a sailing yacht!

"No fuss, no muss"; the Captain does the filleting! Bringing your personal fishing gear is encouraged.

Gone Fishin'

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